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Why should you do this?

If You Have Been Invited to Partner with Us to Exchange Links -
You are already actively exchanging links, and you know full well the benefit of exchanging links.

If You Have Been Invited to Exchange Links with the "50 Best" -
Congratulations! You are One of the Fifty Best in Our Opinion &
"50 of the Best Home Inspectors" Will Link to Your Website

Why are we doing this? We are trying to help you, and at the same time help ourselves with a massive link exchange of what in our opinon are "50 of the Best Home Inspectors".

What do I have to do? We have already linked to you, and we are now asking 50 Home Inspectors to also link to you. All you have to do is post their links on your links page.

What does it cost? This is free to you because we have already incurred all the expense for all the hard work of compiling the list, getting the word out, and verifying compliance.

Is it worth it? Have you ever tried to exchange links on your own, one at a time? It takes forever. This is easy because we found and contacted everyone for you, and you do all 50 links at once.

How long does it take? It could take you weeks to swap links with 50 other inspectors on your own. It took me days. This will take you just minutes. It will save you hours and hours of work.

Why should businesses link together? Without good related business links you will never get to page 1 on the major Internet search engines.

How important is it to get on page one? It has been estimated that websites on pages 1 and 2 do over 50% of the business generated from the Internet.

Do links determine page position? The people that have strong links, particularly if the link is in the same or related businesses, are the people that will really reap the benefit of the Internet.

Will the Internet provide new business? The Net is great for small business. With a little work and strong links, the little guy can reap the same amount of worldwide advertising as big business.

How did you pick these companies? We picked independent companies like yours. They look reputable, they have an email address, and they have a links page on their website.

Why would they do it? They are all way back on page 4 or page 5 or much farther back on Google when searching for "home inspectors" in their cities and states.

Why should I do it? Frankly, it was very hard for me to find you buried somewhere in Google. If it's hard for me to find you, it's going to be almost impossible for new customers to find you.

Why Google? Google is the number 1 way people find home inspection services like yours. All the really big home inspection franchises, associations and directories appear on page 1 of Google.

Are links important? The big inspection franchises have lots of related websites linking to them which greatly increases their Google PageRank. That is the only way to get up to page 1 on Google.

How much more business can I expect? You will get up to 100 times as much business or more on page 1 of Google as you now get on page 3 or 4 or 5 or further back on Google.

Will it work for me too? Definately!!! Please put these links on your links page, or have your webmaster place these 50 links onto your links page. We made it very easy for you!

What will my link look like? You are on Neal's NJ Home Inspection Company links page, and soon you will be on 50 more websites too...

How do I do it? You or your webmaster can copy it from a box at the bottom of the links page, and then paste it onto your links page. It's that easy. Just copy and paste.

What do I tell my webmaster? Forward the email to him or send him here. It's easy and will only take a minute. Then just watch your website start to climb all the way up to page one!

Will it really work? Absolutely! You may never have to worry about business slowing down again. Please do it right now today, and we'll look for you on page one!

Who are all these 50 companies? Here are all the 50 Home Inspectors with names, emails, phone numbers and links pages...

How do I know everyone else will link back to me? You don't, but if even only half of the companies post the links now, it will start your climb to page one.

Can I contact them? If someone isn't posting the links, please feel free to email him or call him. There is no absolutely no reason why they shouldn't do it.

Why wouldn't they do it? Please remember they did not volunteer for this. They were picked out of the blue and got an email from me the same way you did.

What if they don't do it? I will contact anyone who doesn't add the links to their website. Then in 30 days they will be replaced with new companies, and I will give you the updated list in a month.

Can I change my listing? If you want your link description modified, we can do it next month. Just let me know. Meanwhile, you will benefit, and everyone else will benefit. Sound good?

More questions? Let me know if you have any more questions. This is a win-win opportunity for everyone! So please post the links, or forward the email to your webmaster today!

Do you procrastinate? Don't put this off. Take a minute to post these links now - right now this minute. If you procrastinate for only a minute, you will get distracted and then later forget.

How long will it take me? It will take you just minutes to do it yourself, or just minutes to forward the email to your webmaster to ask him to do it. Seriously - just a few minutes.

So do it now! Copy the links from the box at the bottom of the links page, and then paste it onto your links page...


Jeff Wenger
(702) 672-4334

Neal Lewis
NJ Home Inspector
(201) 819-4361

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